What is Dhyana? (The 7th Limb of Yoga)

Exquisite Eggplant Recipe, Also Known As Aubergine – A Coveted Eastern and Mediterranean Dish

Eggplant the purple vegetable with the curious shape. Eggplant or aubergine recipes are well known, coveted Eastern or Mediterranean dish that is delicious and usually fire-cooked. Fire-cooking vegetables, especially when you intend to eat the skin, helps you digest the skin better, and adds to the flavor when blending with herbs, oils, and spices.

Healthy, Hearty, Hummus, Keep Refrigerated Hummus on-Hand for a Quick Snack – Enjoy With Warm Bread

Heart, healthy, hummus delicious warm or cold. Keep refrigerated hummus,on-hand and ready for a quick snack; enjoy with warm pita, or French bread. Hummus, is hearty, healthy and can be enhanced by roasted vegetables, acidic fruits, any herbs and spices, of your own choosing; add your own flavorful additions, some may even be considered unconventional, enjoy your hummus creations or combinations, serve either hot or cold…

My Cooking Story

For those not used to cooking and for those who are bad at this, please know, the keys to being better (even in the kitchen) is asking and trying. Ask for help when stuck or ignorant from those who have gone farther than you in your field of interest and keep on trying to be better as today’s great men (or Chefs) used to be little boys (or bad cooks). Also know that there is no one way to do things. Meals are basically edible products of one’s imagination. Tweak it a little here and there, and get something different from the norm

How to Make Indian Burritos

I have lived in the US for 12 years (I live in Europe now) and during my stay, I have indulged myself to spicy and some delicious Mexican dishes that really satisfied my taste buds and since I come from the Indian subcontinent (countries that include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives), some of the dishes have a similar version where I come from. The fact is that I love cooking and enjoy trying out dishes from other countries and also blending them in with Indian style dishes which I find it as a creative thing to do.

Eating Fresh Flowers – Wait, What? How?

Modern and traditional culinaries will agree that the power of blooms is never limited to decorations. They add aroma and taste that only these flowers can produce. Step up your cooking game by using fresh flowers on your next gastronomic project.

Why Making Bread Doesn’t Need to Be Scary

The thought of making bread yourself is terrifying for many people. However, it is actually a lot easier than people think!

Food Garnishing Tips and Decoration Ideas

Garnishing and decorating of food is great way to make your party one that others enjoy. Learn some food garnishing tips and decoration ideas.

Make Hard Boiled Eggs

Do you enjoy a hard boiled egg as much as I do? I cook up about a dozen eggs almost every week. I have one for lunch four to five days a week.

Get Cooking – Tips and Recipes for Fast Weeknight Meals

Let’s Get Cooking! Here are a few cooking tips and tricks to help you get a tasty meal on the table in no time and feel good about what everyone is eating.

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