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Paleolithic Diet – The Caveman’s Way of Eating

A Paleolithic diet is a basic nutritional plan which involves the consumption of food which is not modified or degenerated. Fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meat is a part of the Paleo diet. Dairy products, legumes, sugars and grains are some of the food items excluded from it. This diet basically means going back to the caveman’s era or the era before the development of agriculture.

3 Main Groups Of Lettuce – Know Their Nutritional Value

One of the best leafy vegetables is lettuce. Usually eaten raw, this is grouped into three variants – crisphead, butterhead and romaine. These three vary in texture and taste. Although very low in calorie contents, all three variants are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Lettuce is very healthy food as it does not contain fats, cholesterol and only has a little amount of sodium.

What Are Low Calorie Diets and Some Spices That Improve Their Taste?

When most people think about low calorie diets they think bland and lacking in taste but in reality these diets just mean making meals in which 1200 calories are consumed daily. Low calorie recipes can be delicious depending on how you prepare them. A low calorie diet does not mean you have to avoid foods that you enjoy, it just means you should change the way you prepare them. Most of our meals consist of meat, starch and vegetables and as long as we prepare them healthy and reduce the portions we are sure to lose weight.

Oatmeal Banana Muffins With Raisins

Looking for a good and easy recipe for oatmeal banana muffins? No need to look any further.

Some Lighter Recipes For Healthy Living

Here are a few recipes that are figure friendly, but with very good flavor. The chicken recipe is very crispy, but lighten up by baking. The marinara sauce is lighter because olive oil has been eliminated and the gnocchi have been made without the eggs and cheese.

Nothing Comes Closer to the Benefits Given by the Pure African Mango

Pure African Mango extracts are one of the best natural dietary supplements that you can find no matter where you look. That is because it has had a reputation for this requirement for centuries. It is well known by many doctors as well as athletes and people working on tiresome jobs and they would proudly recommend it to anyone looking out for a similar need.

Today Cooking Lighter Is Easier Than Ever

Today cooking light or with fewer calories is much easier. Making smart choices about what we eat is very important for good health. We need to examine the food we eat and how it’s been prepared. The recipes I’m going to share with you are easy to prepare, low calorie and full of flavor.

Banana Yogurt Muffins Without Using Butter – How to Make Them

After trying many recipes for muffins without the use of butter i finally found a recipe works. The muffin looks good and even more important: the muffins have a heavenly taste. Using low-fat yogurt in your muffins is a good way to cut back on the calories.

Breville Juicer – What Makes It the Best-Selling Juicer?

Most people consider Breville Juicer as the best juicer in the world. Their opinion is not baseless. Durability, exceptional performance and affordable price makes Breville Juicers one of the most preferred juicers all over the world.

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