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Delicious Ways to Cut Calories

I recently joined Weight Watchers and their plan has made me see where I was going wrong in my diet. Each day I learn new ways of cooking and eating that trim calories from the foods that I eat so that they will fit into the plan. I’m one who loves all the fattening foods and a lot of the non-fat things don’t work for me… like non-fat sour cream, non-fat cheese, non-fat mayonnaise or non-fat salad dressing… yuck! I have found a lot of things that work though, so there’s hope! Here’s some tips I’ve learned along the way:

Easy Weight Loss Recipe – Start Your Day With This Superfood Smoothie

Jump Start Your Day with this delicious blueberry superfood smoothie recipe! Smoothies are a great addition to any weight loss program and this smoothie recipe offers blueberries, which top every superfood list.

Diet Meal Delivery – A New Way to Enjoy Diet Gourmet Foods

Experts have now found a new way to let you enjoy the privilege of eating what you want and having the exact healthy option you need. This can be done through a diet meal delivery right at your doorstep.

How to Make 3 Low Calorie Shakes

If you’re on a diet, you are probably searching for meals that are low in calories, yet satisfy your appetite. This article will tell you how you can make 3 low calorie shakes, in less than 5 minutes.

Stevia – A New Sweetener

A plant by the name of Stevia has been getting a lot of attention recently. It seems promising as a new generation of no-calorie sweetener: Great news for people watching their waistline as well as people with diabetes who limit their intake of sugar. One company, Cargill, manufactures a product made from Stevia under the brand name, Truvia.

Foods That Increase Your Fat Metabolism – Fat Burning Foods

There are foods that increase your fat metabolism which help to quicken the fat burning capability of your body. Your body was wonderfully designed to burn fat efficiently and so if you eat the right kind of fat burning food you will be able to lose thigh fat, lose stubborn belly fat and leg fat which makes your body to go out of shape and be unhealthy.

Nuts and Seeds in Your Diet

Nuts and seeds are rammed full of dietary essentials and easy to add into your diet, they can be hard to digest so mill them in the blender or grind them up in your single auger juicer to help your body get the best from them. Milling or grinding will break the seed or nut down a little and make them easier for your body to digest. Nuts contain protein, fiber, vitamin E and a good selection of minerals. They are potent and calorie rich though so you only need a few.

Diet Food Right at Your Doorstep – Home Diet Food Delivery Services

Experience quality gourmet food without thinking much about the calories by availing the services of a food delivery service specializing in nutritional options. This does not only stop you from worrying about the food that you should serve your family, it also saves you from having the confusion of going through the rigorous meal planning.

How to Make the Low Fat Switch to Only Eating Organic Foods

Organic Beans and Organic Pulses (legumes) are high in protein and extremely nutritious. Yet, they remain the cheapest source of food in the world. They can be grown in any climate and throughout the centuries people around the globe have relied on these natural, health giving foods for their staple diet. On average, beans and pulses have a protein content ranging from 17-25% which is double that of most cereals and higher than that of meat, fish and eggs. Organic Soya Beans, for example, contain 38% protein.

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