How to Stop Bloating FAST! (Evidence Based Diet & Supplement Tips)

The Importance of Finger Food in One’s Diet

Finger food is not for everybody, but it should be. As kids growing up, there was no alternative to finger food because whether or not the meal was meant to be eaten without a fork or spoon, us youngsters were going to resort to our hands as the primary eating utensil anyway. On the other hand, this practice is more frowned upon then encouraged in the adult community because these are the members of our society that are supposed to be too “mature” for finger food. Unfortunately, I believe this to be a very unfair judgment because some of the best finger food meals exist in almost every restaurant around the world. I also believe that if everyone were to look at all the facts regarding this category of food that they will be surprised with just how socially acceptable finger food is. There are still oodles of recipes and types of food, pizza being the most popular of that grouping, that encourage the use of hands as an acceptable method of consumption.

The Scorpion Pepper – The World’s Hottest Pepper For Your Salsa

The Scorpion pepper is the latest addition and hottest pepper on the Scoville Unit Scale. Learn about this acclaimed pepper here along with a few tips on making stuffed pepper dishes and salsa recipe starters for your next party.

Cooking As a Form of Art

As much as I love cooking and sweating over a hot fry pan, I am often motivated in the kitchen by that sense of accomplishment that follows the completion of a new delicious recipe. However, during this process, I have really began to realize that cooking is much more than following detailed instructions and mixing in ingredients that are precisely measured, but rather it’s a form of art. Cooking is an activity that any chef can go wild with and branch off from the instructions by adding their own twist or flavor to the recipe, which hopefully makes the finished product that much more enjoyable to eat. I have watched the Food Network or other cooking shows and have become very fascinated with the blend of ingredients that certain chefs have put together to make tasty meals. They are combinations that I would have never considered mixing together in my kitchen, but the recipes always seem to receive high taste reviews. From all this, I have concluded that I have a long way to go before I reach my cuisine goals.

Make Your Own Pizza

Why settle for take out or frozen pizza when you can make your own? Follow these simple steps.

Potato Wedges Vs French Fries As a Side Dish

We all love potatoes and who would have thought that this bulb could be so versatile and tasty. When it comes to take-away meals, in most cases you may have choice of either potato wedges or French fries. I must admit that both options are quite tasty for me. But which option should I go for?

How to Start a Salsa Business – What to Know

Ever wonder how you can get your salsa recipe into a grocery store? Aside from walking in and talking to a grocery manager, make sure you have these three things at the forefront of your new business!

Writer Jack London Had Very Special Recipe For Cooking Rice

The American writer and social activist Jack London was one of the first American authors who was able to parlay his writing ability in a substantial personal fortune. He took part in the Klondike Gold Rush and wrote about it, and his health suffered from the privations of the goldfields. His inability to get access to shelter, food, and medicine was reflected in his fiction, including the short story To Build A Fire. He lost his upper four front teeth as a result of scurvy and a bad diet while in Alaska. Less well known than his ability to “rough it” in Alaska and other frontier outposts of the late 19th and early 20th century is his very particular requirements when it came to cooking rice. The San Francisco socialite Sarah M. Williamson, who helped popularize canning and food preservation in the early years of the 20th century, reported in a newspaper article in 1916, the year of his death, that she had obtained Jack London’s personal recipe for the preparation of rice from London’s long-suffering second wife, Charmian Kittredge London.

The Most Effective Way To Remove Chili Seeds While Preparing Malaysian Food

Malaysian food is cooked with a myriad of herbs and spices. Chili is used in almost all the Malaysian cuisine. This article will show you how to remove the seeds from the chili effortlessly.

Canning Tips For Beginners

Get advice from an experienced home canning addict so you can enter the delicious world of home food preservation. Canning at home is safe as long as you follow modern directions. The rewards are many including great taste, better nutrition, frugal value, and gaining a sense of accomplishment. Use these home canning tips and find out how easy it is to succeed with home canning.

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