Dietitian’s guide on HEALTHY SNACKING with 4 Fruit-Packed Snacks (Since APPARENTLY I Hate Fruit LOL)

Weight Loss Shake Recipes – Healthy and Slimming

Here are a few shake recipes to help aid you on your weight loss journey. And to make things better, they taste great! Weight loss shakes make great meals for people who are trying to shed some quick pounds. They are easily prepared, great tasting, healthy and leave you feeling good about yourself and your eating habits.

Healthy Kids Recipes Even the Adults Will Love!

Healthy family recipes can be hard to find but this is one that everybody will love! Ground turkey soup is a healthy recipe for kids and adults that I found in a cookbook for slow cookers called Fix It and Forget It Lighty (I highly recommend it for healthy slow cooker recipes). In the original recipe they called for hamburger but I use ground turkey and I find that it’s even better!

Fat Free Does Not Equal Calorie Free

If you are watching your weight you may be looking for “fat free” announcements on food labels. But they can be quite misleading if what you are really looking for is lower calorie foods. Surprisingly, some low fat foods do not have significantly fewer calories per serving than the original product!

Low Calorie Meal Deals – 375 Calories Or Less

When selecting a low calorie or low fat plan, make sure you are consuming a balanced and complete diet. For best results when selecting a low calorie or low fat meal plan, consume a balanced diet that includes 4-6 meals a day. If you’re on a tight schedule, plan your meals ahead the night before so you are not running around before work to whip your meal or even worse, skipping it all together and resorting to fat drenched junk food. As someone who’s battled weight loss myself, I know how challenging it can be.

Lo Han Guo – A Better Natural Sweetener

Lo Han Guo is a proven natural sweetener that is non-caloric and can effectively replace high-calorie or artificial sweeteners in our diets. It has zero glycemic impact and is safe for use by diabetics and hypoglycemics.

Quick Recipes For Dieting

The best diet recipes are those that are quick and painless. And painless recipes are very good indeed.

Fad Diet Riot!

Herbert is sliding a cream-cheese coated piece of bacon into his mouth while boiling his cabbage soup and slurping a Slim-Fast Shake. Herbert is on a diet. He’s a creative man. He’s not about to listen to some crusty guy with letters behind his name in regards to the contents of his fridge. But he will listen to three of them.

Healthy Fitness Breakfast – Get Toned, Fit & Strong With a Healthy Fitness Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is one of the keys to a great body, good health – and energy for the rest of the day. But what most people don’t understand is that you do not have to eat breakfast first thing in the morning. Here’s a simple and healthy breakfast recipe that you can pre-make, ahead of time – and enjoy in the mid to late morning as part of a ‘meal shifting’ fitness/weight loss plan.

Foods That Burns Fat – 3 Fat Fighting Foods

Every one of us knows that exercise is not the only thing that makes you lose weight. You also need to be disciplined with the foods that you eat, which means you need to practice and develop a balanced diet. By balanced diet, it has to be the go, grow and glow foods. Nutritionists suggest that if you want to take all those flab away and be fabulous, your intake of food should be high in proteins and fiber.

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