Dietitian Reviews SUBSCRIBERS CONVENIENCE MEALS (Will She Approve??)

Healthy Snacks For Runners

Here are some healthy snacks for runners. Not only do they taste great, they will help you stay in shape and be a better runner!

Tasty & Nutritious – 2 Meals Under 400 Calories

For those who want to lose weight, counting calories is a great way to know what’s going into your body. I’m not a huge supporter of deprivation. I believe that when you feel deprived, you actually end up craving the item even more. Instead, I suggest being very mindful of the amount of calories you’re eating.

What Are the Health Benefits of Stevia?

Stevia is a plant which can be used alternatively to sugar as a sweetener. It is naively growing in South America, where it is used as sweetener by the natives since centuries. Its extracts can be up to 300 times sweeter then normal sugar.

Healthy Food Does Not Have to Be Boring and Tasteless

There is this misconception that eating healthy, low-calorie and low-fat food means one has to eat boring, tasteless food all the time. In fact, cooking healthy food is not only easy and simple, it could save you some money and the best part of all, it also contained less calories. It does not need to be complicated and it does not need to take a lot of time. Eating healthy must start from home and the best way to do it is to cook your very own nutrition-packed meals.

Please Pass the Sugar! Or Not!

As a nation we have become like little hummingbirds flitting from one sweet food to another. Soda pop by the gallons, candy bars by the ton, and donuts by the bushels. You get the picture. As a San Diego chiropractor, I am greatly concerned that so many Americans mindlessly consume sugary food products without even so much as a concern for the overall damage it can cause.

How to Find a Perfect Diet For You

A diet is well known to everybody. People do it directly or indirectly. But many do not know about the importance of it.

Cabbage Soup Diet – Best Recipe – You May Be Surprised!

Those of you looking for the cabbage soup diet best recipe, look no further than the original! It’s worked for decades, so why mess with it? There’s actually an answer to that, and I’ll get to it in a second. For now, here’s the original recipe:

Foods You Should Be Eating Regulary

Have you ever heard of the book called Eat This not That? The book tells you which pre-made foods not to eat. My article deals with which unprocessed foods to eat.

Low Calorie Snacks

Eating healthy has quickly become a prevalent trend. Many people would like to eat more nutritious foods but normally do not have the time to prepare a well cooked meal. In addition to this there are times in between meals where you may feel like getting something to munch on.

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