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Delicious and Healthy Snacks For Healthy Living

Snacks are the food items that we munch on at odd times to keep the hunger pangs away until meal times. Can we indulge on snacks? Yes, as long as it is healthy. Over-indulgence on fried and sweet snacks causes weight gain. Eating healthy snacks on the other hand keeps us slim and helps in our quest for weight loss too.

The Benefits of Cayenne Pepper Powder

Cayenne pepper is a spice some people would happily put in their meal to spice it up, while on the other hand, some would avoid it, afraid not to burn their tongues. No matter which type of person you are, the capsicum (its other name) has undeniable advantages for your health. That is why including some cayenne pepper powder wouldn’t bring any harm, right?

Making Homemade Vanilla-Flavored Greek Yogurt

Because Greek yogurt is generally such a good treat for the health-conscious consumer, I advocate incorporating it into your diet if only sparingly. It helps if you can learn how to make your own, so as to avoid the sometimes excessive cost of yogurts like Fage and Chobani on supermarket shelves – when they aren’t on sale, that is. Many people refuse to pay more than a dollar for yogurt (understandably), which makes my mother’s homemade vanilla Greek yogurt recipe such a timely treasure to share.

Chinese Cooking for Low Calorie Meals

It is really great to note that people are getting more conscious of their health lately. Perhaps the Internet has a great contribution to this. Anyway, as people become increasingly aware of their calorie intake and levels of saturated fat, sugar and cholesterol, they are getting hesitant of buying and consuming even the foods they love.

4 Common Myths About Calcium Diet

4 common myths about calcium; I am going to explain these common myths about calcium diets. I have heard them repeatedly. My clients say that taking calcium will cause weight gain.

4 Super Fat-Fighting Foods

Are you struggling to lose weight? Including these 4 super fat-fighting ingredients into your meals will not only make it taste great, but it will also help curb your appetite, break down fatty acids and block their absorption.

Some Details of Greek Yogurt Nutrition

In addition to the many good things you’ve probably heard about Greek food yogurt as pertains to health and fitness, there are also results done in studies that point to positive correlative effects. For example, it has been discerned that yogurt in general, and Greek in particular – because of the nutritional advantages it has over the normal – keeps weight off of you as you get older, when you substitute it for breakfast. This is because the ingredients make you feel full, even though the caloric content is minimal.

Organic Versus Healthy, Consumer Perceptions With Food Claims

Organic regulations regulate the amount of toxins that can be used to grow and manufacture organic foods, but there is misconceptions concerning the health benefits of natural organic foods. A 2010 study conducted by the Psychology Department of the University of Michigan found that people perceived organic foods as healthier than conventional foods, even with the same calorie counts.

5 Common Myths About Protein Diet

If in taking protein is harmful, what else is beneficial? My friends and clients say protein causes heart attacks, diabetes and liver diseases. Friends, this is not true. I suggested to my clients to have a different opinion about protein. Protein is really helpful for your weight loss efforts. Indeed, without protein our body growth will stop…

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