Dietitian Reviews Bright Line Eating Weight Loss Program (This is INHUMANE)

How to Create Low Calorie Diet Plans That Work

We all know how to lose weight, right? Eat less and exercise more, but why isn’t that enough? There are a million different low calorie diet plans out there, but how do you design one that works?

How to Make a Healthier Apple Pie

You don’t have to cut pies out of your life, altogether. I have found that I can take some simple little steps with the recipe that makes a huge difference in the end. Often, the calories and fat grams are reduced just a fraction of the original recipe.

Healthy Food Reviewed – Powerade Zero

When I lived in Colorado, I learned the importance of staying hydrated due to the dry, mile-high elevation as I worked out, and now that I live in the desert dryness and heat in Las Vegas, I carried that need to stay hydrated when I work out with me. But if you are watching your calories, you can’t just choose any hydration drink. Pick the wrong one and you can end up downing the equivalent calories to a bottle of regular soda in the neighborhood of 200-300 calories!

Rice & Oats Premium – The Guilt-Free, All-Day Snacks

Rice & Oats Premium is the perfect snack for those who are in weight management and fitness program. Rice&Oats is made from nutritious wholegrain rice and fiber-rich oats. It has no Trans Fat, No Cholesterol, MSG Free, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free, Fiber Rich and Low Salt. Rice&Oats Premium also has Teavigo (EGCG) which makes you slimmer with every bite.

The Pizza Diet – Can You Really Lose Weight Eating Pizza?

On the contrary, a diet does not have to be painful be successful. A matter of fact, some people have found weight-loss success with the pizza diet. Fast food sub sandwiches have helped people lose a considerable amount of weight, and the pizza diet has also helped those striving to lose weight drop significant pounds. Who would have thought it was possible to lose weight and still enjoy pizza? It is possible to lose weight while enjoying a favorite main course dish, every day of the week!

How to Recognize Low Calorie Foods

Can you recognize a low calorie food? What makes it low calorie? Are there similarities between one of these foods and another? It’s easy to recognize fat on a steak or on bacon, but not so easy to recognize the invisible fat in a cupcake or a cookie. To identify how much fat is contained in these foods you have to become ‘label savvy’ – read the Nutrition Facts label on the packaging and pay particular attention to the ‘Serving Size’.

Spray Yourself Skinny

Have you seen the new spray dressings and spray butters? Think they won’t taste good or are just a gimmick? Think again–They just might save you enough calories to lose four pounds within the next month!

Are Kiwis Really a Negative Calorie Food?

Kiwi is a fantastic fruit that although strange looking, provides an amazing amount of vitamins as well as tastes great. Kiwi is also a negative calorie food, remaining so popular among people on and off of the negative calorie foods diet that it is even part of a common daily search term: “negative calorie foods kiwi.”

Low Fat Cooking – Get Your Waist Line Under Control

Obesity is a big problem nowadays and it has mainly to do with our habit of unhealthy eating as well as the lack of exercise. Possible ways of losing weight is one of the most keenly discussed topics at various forums and gatherings. The key to losing weight successfully is to change our unhealthy habits, which translates to eating the right food and having a regular exercising regime.

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