Dietitian Reacts to the KPop Diet (the Pressure is INHUMANE)

Summer Season on the Road and Eating Right

As the spring rolls into summer, we are ready to hit the road again. Food on the road can be a dangerous thing for the weak.

Benefits of Juicer Drinks and Smoothie Drinks

Every wonder why you should drink juice or smoothies? The health benefits are numerous and the drinks are super easy to make.

A Healthy Diet Beats A Fad Diet Every Time

Fad diets can sound very tempting but, as many do more harm than good, a healthy diet always wins out. Opt for light and enjoyable alternatives instead.

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds – Healthy Snacks

Toasted pumpkin seeds are having various vitamins and minerals. It is accepted as a healthy snack by large groups in United States. Check out how toasted pumpkin seed can help you in stopping various diseases.

Why Make Your Own Iced Tea

Why should you make your own iced tea? What are the benefits? Homemade, natural iced tea has several benefits that you should look into.

No Splenda Side Effects Means You Can Enjoy The Sweet Life

For many years people have been told that artificial sweeteners such as aspartame are dangerous and have adverse health effects. But when Splenda, a sucralose based sweetener hit the market in 1999 consumers were offered an alternative to aspartame. With Splenda side effects resulting from chemically created artificial sweeteners became a thing of the past.

How to Find Food That’s Filling But Without a Lot of Calories

It is the question everybody is asking. Health and appearance have become an integral part of our lives today. Maintaining a desired weight is necessary. when you are fit and healthy you look good as well as feel good. For maintaining desired weight or to lose some extra weight a particular diet is required.

Bottled Water Craze – Many Simply Saying No To Purchased Water

Buying containers of name-brand drinking water used to be the thing to do with regard to the in crowd. Strolling down the streets of any large city in the United States, a person couldn’t help but start to see the elite social classes sipping on their twenty dollar a gallon water as they go walking throughout the malls and stores, but recently there has been an economic downturn in the product sales of water in bottles and there might be a pattern really worth recognizing.

Finding A List Of Healthy Snacks

If you are having weight problems it may be due to several things. You may be snacking between meals with candy, cookies, cake and so forth, or restricting yourself to eating only at designated times. With either of these issues, you will not be able to lose weight and keep it off. There are some easy ways that you can improve your health and achieve your weight loss goals with minimal effort. Creating a list of healthy snacks will be one way that you can attain your weight loss goals and maintain your goal weight indefinitely.

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