Dietitian Reacts to MADELAINE PETSCH Vegan What I Eat In A Day

Starting a Pasta Diet the Easy Way

The composition of pasta is very simple – water and flour, in some cases, are added eggs and milk. All the rest depends on the performance of the equipment and technological requirements. So revising all this facts, pasta in principle, should always be qualitative. More surprising that bought in the trading network pasta sometimes cause unfavorable criticism.

Cherry Tomatoes – “Nature’s Candy”

Have a hankering for something sweet but not sure what you want? Try cherry tomatoes.

Super Super Bowl Eats

Superbowl parties can be a challenge to those with diabetes or following a special diet. Score with these healthy tips and diabetic recipes for the big game!

Delicious Vinaigrette Salad – Great Low Calorie Fat Free Food

Wherever good taste and low calories are required; a delicious vinaigrette salad must be tried. This recipe is a great low-calorie fat-free food and will go splendidly on a variety of salads. Fresh lettuce, handpicked from your garden requires, almost mandates that a vinaigrette salad dressing be its companion.

A Healthy Way of Making Popcorn

Kids and adults alike love popcorn because they are tasty and easy and fun to make. Although throwing a bag of kernels into the microwave is convenient, making your very own fresh, hot-air popped popcorn could give you a bigger and healthier blast.

3 Reasons Almond Nut Butter is Better Than Peanut Butter

Almond nut butter might not be anywhere near the popularity of regular peanut butter, but there is a reason why the almond spread is increasing in popularity with many consumers. There is more than one type of this condiment spread, since raw almond butter is made in a slightly different way than regular almond butter, since the regular stuff will have been through a quick blanch and roast.

Do Negative Calorie Foods Burn Fat?

Chances are if you’ve been on the diet train, you have heard about negative calorie foods. But what are they and do they work? Negative calorie food is considered to take more calories to burn off and digest than are actually in the food -thus rendering it negative. Any vegetable is depending on how you prepare it. If you steam them, then it will take more calories to eat and digest it than is in the vegetables. If you slather them in butter, or roast them in olive oil it won’t be a negative calorie food.

Make Any Cupcake Recipe Better With These 5 Healthy Cooking Tips

There are many ways to stay motivated while dieting, including not depriving yourself of your favorite treats. To enjoy cupcakes on a diet, use these five tips to whip up a batch of healthier cupcakes that will still fit within your diet guidelines.

What is Your IQ For Healthy Food Choices?

Coming up with quick healthy snacks or making the right choices when we visit fast food establishments can be a real challenge. It take educating ourselves to live healthier lifestyles. Our lives depend on these choices.

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