Dietitian Reacts to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet (Yah… we can probably skip the Goop powder)

Making the Right Choice For High Protein and Low Carb Foods

When it comes to food, most people prefer it to be tasty rather than nutritious. Healthy food is a very important need for body, but people usually choose taste over health. The idea of nutritious and low carbohydrate food is not appealing because they usually don’t taste so good.

Low Carb Diet Menus in Restaurants

Mostly people believe that they don’t have many choices for low carbohydrate meals when eating out. It’s true that most of the items on the menu in restaurants contain fat, sugar and sodium, definitely the kind of food you do not want to eat when you are trying to lose weight. But times are changing.

The Low Carb Diet Lunch

Making a decision to follow a healthy diet is a very good idea. You don’t know if you should go for a low carbohydrate vegetarian diet or a high protein low carbohydrate diet but you know that you want your food to be low Carb. The lower carbohydrate food you eat, the healthier it would be for your body.

Why Raw Almond Butter is So Healthy

Did you know that a very healthy alternative to things like peanut butter is raw almond butter? This article explains why that product is so healthy, and why you should think about switching to it.

An Introduction to Raw Almond Butter

Are you someone who is trying to make simple changes to your diet in hopes of being healthier or losing a little bit of weight? If you are, I would encourage you to read about raw almond butter and what it can do for you in that process.

Reduce Obesity With Soy Protein Bars

Interested in the health benefits of soy protein bars? Then read on to find out more…

Low Fat Cookbooks – A Great Tool to Develop Low Fat Eating Habits

The problem is, how can you develop smart eating habits and what tips can you use to incorporate low fat snacks and dinners into your daily lifestyle. If you’re not a low fat expert and do not intend to become one, there’s an easy solution for you. Low fat cookbooks are a great tool to get you started and give you great ideas to improve your eating habits without having to starve or eat tasteless meals.

Erythritol – The Healthy Sugar?

Sugar is one of the substances I have come to realize is causing problems in my digestion. One of the biggest practical problems I face is that sugar is added to a lot of industrially produced food – food where one would think there would be no sugar, for instance in bread.

Why Great Healthy Dinner Recipes Are Easier to Prepare Than You Think

Dinner is always the type of meal that you can take your time to prepare because you are home from work and you should also have nothing else to do that requires your full focus. In this case, and in any other for that matter, it is a very good idea to try some healthy dinner recipes, considering that anything else surrounding us is not healthy anymore.

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