A Dietitian’s Honest Opinions About Multivitamins (And Do You Really Need Them?)

Frozen Fruit Treat Maker Helps Conquer Sugar Cravings

If you’re dieting, cutting down on sugar or diabetic, sooner or later the sugar cravings monster will come to get you. The best, healthiest solution I’ve found for one sugar deprived desperate diabetic is a frozen fruit treat maker. Just frozen fruit churned and pressed into an iced treat with nothing else added. And guess what? Kids reluctant to eat fruit, well they can’t get enough of these!

The Fig (Fiscus Carica L)

At the beginning of time the fig has covered body parts. On the other side of the coin, the fig is a wealth of nutrition. Learn more…

The Dangers of the Artificial Sweetener Mindset

While table sugar and artificial sweetener can have physical affects that accompanies over consumption the emotional effects are often overlooked. The term coined “Artificial Sugar Mindset” depicts what occurs when people who consume large amounts of artificial sweetener (usually in the form of diet soda) often think they have free reign to eat whatever they want! This can lead to over eating and weight gain!

Stay Away From These High Alcoholic Drinks

Are you finding it easy to lose weight through the week but can’t seem to keep it off after a hefty calorie weekend? Find out why in this article.

Kiwicha, The Peruvian Power Food To Help You Lose Weight

The newest superfood kiwicha has been around for thousands of years. Learn how this Peruvian favorite can help you lose weight, stay in shape and keep you healthy. Packed with protein and something more.

The Extraordinary Miracle Berry Conspiracy

Back in the 1970’s the sugar industry was on the verge of being upset by an all-natural organic alternative. Sadly corporate greed and political influence kept this amazing substitute from seeing the light of day… until now.

To Age Healthfully

Eating right and daily exercise not only helps you live longer but enjoy living more! Think about how great it would be, feeling good all the time!

Attain Your Dream Weight by Eating Granola

“Granola”, the popular snack of the Americans is just the right choice to carry for a day’s outing. Whether you are going out for a picnic, trekking or some other outdoor venture, a delicious granola is just what you need to satiate your hunger and plays a big role in weight loss plans.

Herbal Remedies – Cayenne Pepper

In case you are keen on eating hot chili or salsa, you would probably be interested to know a bit more about one of the main ingredients in them – the cayenne pepper. What is cayenne pepper? Capsium annuum or cayenne is actually coming from the Greek verb “to bite”.

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